Cognitive and Domain Skill

Functional/Domain Knowledge

Engineering | Finance | Sales Can be customised to assess multiple roles...Sample Report

Cognitive Reasoning

Inductive | Deductive | Abductive | Verbal...Sample Report

Organisational benchmarks for roles

Qualification | Experience | Location a host of primary screening parameters...Sample Report

Behavior / Psychometrics

Core Values

Assessment of Organisational Core Values which can be preceded with Survey assessment of values at the workplace...Sample Report

Competency Framework

9 attributes spread over 3 hierarchies that can be customised based on Competency...Sample Report

Motivation At Work

Intrinsic | Extrinsic
Includes temperament for role fitment...Sample Report

Situational Leadership

Authentic Leadership + Temperament + Motivation + Aggression Quotient + Subjective Evaluation with People Task matrix...Sample Report

Benchmark Scores

Hygiene Levels | Happiness levels. Acts as a pre-validator to effectiveness

Interview using START

Interviewing covers 30% of success for behavioral fitment to job roles

Data access DASHBoard

The data generated must be easy to view, filter and store for future People Analytics

DEFINE the Job Role

Narrow down your requirements. Every organization is unique. Tell us about your work requirements and company culture so we can help you find someone who will feel right at home on your team.

SHORTLIST and Interview

Choose only the best. Pexitics makes it easy to compare and select the most promising candidates to interview, accelerating the hiring process and saving your precious business time and costs. Rate candidates online on a variety of attributes like domain knowledge, appearance, background, etc while shortlisting using our online Interview Dashboard.

ASSESS Candidates Online

Use our data driven tools to look beyond the resume. Applicants undergo the online assessment to generate a Pexitics report that represents their personality and work ethics more accurately to predict fitment. The Pexitics report helps identify various strengths and weaknesses early on, so you're less likely to miss a great candidate.

HIRE the Right Fit

Hire the right person for the job. Be rest assured that your new employee was carefully chosen to be a perfect fit for your team.

Cognitive skills: The Additional Edge

Cognitive skills gives one the ability to look beyond the realms of traditional approach and find new solutions in a changing work environment. Finding patterns in randomness, predicting outcomes and decision making based on quantitative and qualitative assessments and many other job fitments can be measured using cognitive skills. It is important for an organisation to hire employees who have high cognitive skills, for they are the ones who think on their feet and find unique solutions to tasks and capabilities for performance. Inductive and deductive skills are highly required for execution of critical projects. Abductive and verbal skills add flair to tasks. Measurement of these skillsets ensures new tasks, demands of clients are met with capability and ability to understand and execute them. Learning capabilities are best judged using cognition and is the base for most research into finding new age solutions to new age issues including healthcare and mental fitness. Using cognitive ability assessments help uncover the current and future potential in your existing employees and new hires.

Workplace Success Philosophy (WSP)

The philosophy of success at the workplace has similar connotations as Managers and Human Resources specialists try to find the master potion to deal with workplace success. We at believe that while there is a core philosophy behind achieving the highest performance levels, the science can be mastered and optimized for every organisation. Every organisation has employees who are hired to provide value to the three core factors for organizational success; Quality, Time and Money. We call it the QTM factors. Be it a Human Resources Manager, or a Sales Representative or an Engineer at the Plant or research lab or the Accounts executive, everyone contributes by improving quality, providing their time and/or improving process timings, lowering costs or bringing revenues to the organisation using Performance Quotient (PQ) in a framework of competence and further balanced by Emotional Quotient (EQ). Individuals working singularly or in teams provide for one or more of these three factors for organizational growth. Individuals form teams; teams end up creating a QTM capability matrix based on the contributions of its members. Any new member to the team should hence be an enhancer of the capability and aid towards further success for the team and the organisation at large. This is the complexity that Human Resource practitioners need to deal with. And this is where we help organisations succeed using science and analytics. Using our Workplace Success Philosophy (WSP).