benefits of pexiScoring


PexiScore stands for People Excellence Indicator Score.
It makes hiring faster, smarter, better for free*

Aggregates Candidates

In Pexitics, applicants applies and become part of recruitment process

Creates Standard Resume

Makes every resume recruitment ready

Customized Assessments

Assess candidates across aptitude, behaviour and functional skills

Initial HR Screening

Understand the candidate thoughts on basic HR Questions

Scoring for fitment

Create score for every candidate and see relative fitment across the job.

Dashboard to shortlist

Use filters, slice & dice data to choose the right candidates for interview

Interview Scheduler

Schedule interviews and track progress

Document Manager

Review documents loaded by candidates for record management

Make the offer

Decide on the final candidate, make the offer and track response

The Pexitics advantage


Values, beliefs and behavior drive culture in an organisation. Like water in a river, it is in a constant drift with new energy, newer faces and ever-changing components. Culture pushes performance. The right culture ensures there is a constant and non-conflicting value driving performance. So, how do you find the culture? We help assess culture and help you devise the right engagement practices to drive a higher performance for engaged productivity. The other way is to measure for cultural fitment right at the hiring stage, which too can be measured and assessed using Pexitics Competency.


Performance driven culture results in higher productivity. Performance is a result of engagement, and not an outcome. Engagement is driven by culture. So, this is the next step that would be fixed if culture is assessed by measuring the right values for capturing performing values as an organizational goal. Performance drives productivity; it also lowers attrition, as rewards and recognitions are directly co-linked with performance. And who doesn’t like being rewarded and recognized for their performance?

Functional Skills

No job role can be assessed without assessing the functional skillset required to perform at optimum levels. Leaders too are functional managers who excel at their functional role. Functional skillset can be gauged using academics and past experience, but based on the complexity of everyday challenges, cognitive ability to reason and find cause and effect for problem solving is already the biggest game changer. Functions are no longer static, but dynamic and fluid. Measure this fluidity to morph into multi-role capabilities using the Cognitive Ability assessment along with Functional Skills assessments with Pexitics.

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